Photo of me in a very big beanie

Figure 1: Photo of me in a very big beanie

My name is Elis (SA4BSE) and I currently live in Arvika, Sweden and work remotely in Stockholm, Sweden.


I've quite much experience working with PHP backends as well as some server maintenance over the years, the levels of responsibility at different work-places have been different.

Through the past many years I've been using several Linux distributions over extended (at least a few years) periods of time. Distros I've been using includes for example: NixOS, ArchLinux, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, etc.

I've also have much experience with designing, building and running big web-services used by a lot of people.

I have experience of working with micro-services and as well monoliths.

I'm also fluent in both English and Swedish.


  • I enjoy doing things with NixOS the most, it's an incredible system that I always prefer to do everything with.
  • I also enjoy using Emacs, I use Emacs for more or less everything.
  • I enjoy to go to conferences like CCC and FOSDEM.


I have a presence on places like Matrix, Telegram, Mastodon, GitHub, LinkedIn and other places around the internet.

Ways to contact me:


My GPG fingerprint is:

67FE 98F2 8C44 CF22 1828  E12F D57E FA62 5C9A 925F

You can download my public key here or from keys.openpgp.org.

Author: Elis Hirwing <elis@hirwing.se>