As a work life experience I mostly have been working with PHP and other web-related technologies. Since 2014 been focusing on backend development.

I’ve also got experience with maintaining servers, networks, load balancing, databases, sshd, web servers among other things you need for a big website to scale and work well.


TVNU Sweden AB (2016-04 – present)

Started out as a Senior Backend developer and later (2019-12) I’ve became team lead for the backend team. In this role I’m part of the team that is resposible for imports of data (both streaming and linear TV data). We also take care of the ops parts of taking care of the servers and build an admin interface to be able to do manual changes in the data easily.

Screenshot of TVNU website as of 2016


203 Brands AB / Shopello AB (2014-04 – 2016-04)

This was more a pure backend position than my previous roles. We designed APIs for external users where we had to consider API versioning, compatibility and communication to these external users about breakage. We also managed huge data imports of product data to make available in the API.

Screenshot of Shopello website as of 2014

Tailor Store Sweden AB (2011-11 – 2014-04)

At this position I was part of the development team. I was also taking care of the office networks, VPN, servers, ops in general. But I was also part of development to build API’s, build frontend, backend, admin systems, etc.

Screenshot of Tailor Store website as of 2011

South Pole AB (2011-08 – 2011-11)

At this position I was part of building physical servers for cluster usage at universities. So we built 400 servers at the time. Then we tested the hardware so it worked and shipped it off on trucks pre-mounted in racks.

Screenshot of Southpole website as of 2011

Webhallen Sverige AB (2011-01 – 2011-08)

At this position I was in the development team. We developed the store backend as well as frontend and admin system. One of the things I did while there was to implement the feature to buy digital games via a third party and to deliver game keys and download links in the users profile.

Screenshot of Webhallen website as of 2011

Clinicbuddy ekonomisk förening (2010-03 – 2010-11)

At this position I was part IT support responding to phone calls supporting the in-house developed journaling system for private physicians. But I also did some server-side development to make it easier to deploy certain fixes faster in case of changes of remote endpoints.

Screenshot of Clinicbuddy website as of 2010