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The day when ZFS saved my data

Today my work day didn’t turn out the way I expected. It started like a normal day, I woke up around the regular time, did my morning routine, sat at my desk and started my work-issued laptop. It booted up just fine, I connected it to my Ultrawide display, started going through Slack and Email and catch up on some news while drinking my morning tea and waking up. Then after around an hour of work things started to hang up, most notably Firefox totally froze up.

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Encrypted ZFS mirror with mirrored boot on NixOS

So for a long time I have wanted to replace my file server, because it’s an old HP Microserver that is really slow. And at the same time I have had this beast of a desktop tower PC that I haven’t used with a Xeon and 32GiB ECC memory that has just been turned off due to noise. The obvious solution is to re-purpose that install and move it to a location where noise doesn’t matter, e.

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